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About the Butterfly Spirit Animal: "The Butterfly represents continuous growth and transformation. The Caterpillar is the work stage, the cocoon is the rest & self-care stage and the butterfly is the stage of activation when all our time and energy invested manifests into physical reality. It is a constant process of letting go, embracing and letting go over-and-over again. In fact it seems whenever we master something, the Universe sends us a whole new challenge. The good news is, this is how we spiral upwards (much like the flight of the butterfly). This Spirit Animal is a great reminder of how change, although scary at times, can be beautiful and serves our highest good." - Zo

About the Zo Peacemaker Signature Series

“I really wanted to take Vibe Bottle to the next level with this. I really challenged myself by taking 2 subjects from opposite sides of the spectrum (which I both love) and combined them. Spirit Animals represent the Divine Feminine - abstract and mystical; Sacred Geometry represents the Divine Masculine - logic and order. I’m overjoyed to put my Signature on this project because it was a challenge. All of my interpretations of the Spirit Animals are constructed from rearranged Sacred Geometric shapes and patterns. Each are printed on a very clean, clear quality glass with a wood cap on a new 20 oz. bottle. After nearly a year of development here they are ready to enjoy! This bottle is a manifestation that fuses functionality with beauty. It’s quite literally art you can drink from and hopefully it inspires you as it has me.”  - Zo Peacemaker, Designer / Reiki Master / CEO


Features and Benefits

· Many of our customers report an increase in their desire to drink more water with a Vibe Bottle.
· Made of beautiful Borosilicate Glass that is naturally BPA Free
· Great for the environment - 100% recyclable glass.
· Pays for itself - multiple plastic water bottles (up to $1500 per year)
· Family owned business designed by Reiki Level 4 Master, Zo Peacemaker
· Dishwasher Safe + Scratchproof Inks
· Charge your water in the sun or moon without having to worry about harmful chemicals leeching into your water

Weight: 16 oz
Dimensions: 8.75 inches x 2.5 inches. Ships in 12” x 6” x 6” package

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