Teach Peace Tour

In 2015 we decided to leave the comfort of our home & follow our hearts to travel. The goal was to share the message of love in any way we could along the way on what we called the “Teach Peace Tour”.

 We work passionately to offer products and services that benefit the world and assist others on their own path to peace. Proceeds from sales cover travel expenses, food and shelter. “We don't preach, we teach, we share and we show. We do our best to inspire through example. This is an integral part of our personal and professional philosophy. We are not attached to being "right" or "righteous". However  we are dedicated to ideals of health and alignment and what is perfect for the path of the individual. Hopefully along the way, from time to time we touch someone’s life and inspire them to ascend to their own highest mental, emotional, physical and spiritual evolution....and we invite you to be a part of our cause.” - Brinlie & Zo Peacemaker