Glass is clean, beautiful and makes water taste great. With the only downside being that it breaks, we created a solution. To the best of our knowledge Vibe Bottle is the only company in the industry that offers a replacement guarantee on its glass bottles!
Are we crazy? Probably.
We know first-hand how heart breaking it can be to lose your bottle to accidents, plus we stand by our product. Our community doesn’t just like their Vibe Bottles - they fall in love with them! Our exclusive “one time replacement policy” covers you if break your bottle within 30 days of your purchase.
(Not all retailers participate in this program so please contact us at for details).
How it works:

Option A) Purchase a new bottle and we will send you the second bottle free AND cover shipping!
Option B) Cover the cost of shipping so we can send you your replacement.
So here is what we will need to get your replacement sent on its way:

1. Receipt or Picture of Your Receipt.
When you buy your bottle simply snap a photo of your receipt, or take a screen shot of it if you buy one online, email the image to along with your replacement request.
2. Photo of your Broken Bottle.
We trust you. At the same time our boss will ask for proof. We know, it's horrible as it is, but just please snap a photo before you clean it up or give it a proper burial in your yard. This let's us know it is broken, not lost or stolen (not covered)
3. Preferred (but not required)
It is never a bad idea to register yourself as a customer with our website. It is easier for us to track your sales records and we tend to give people more free stuff with their returns and replacements!
Note: Though we would prefer you bring your broken bottle back to the retailer you bought it from with the above mentioned items, not all of our retailers participate in our program (sad face!)
Please email us at or Private Message us through our Vibe Bottle Facebook page to see if we can contact your retailer for you to arrange an in-store exchange! We will always do our best to assist and serve wherever possible.