Why should I have my very own Vibe Bottle?

1. Increased water consumption

Did you know that up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? We humans are pretty simple creatures; we are drawn to pretty things. When you see your beautiful new Vibe Bottle you will automatically want to drink out of it, we've seen it time and time again. With little or no effort you will find yourself drinking more water and carrying your bottle wherever you go. We, ourselves, can't live without our bottles. After owning one of these babies, going back to plastic or plain glass just isn't the same.

2. Glass is more attractive
Glass is clear, clean, and 100% transparent. Not only does it look better than a plastic bottle but it makes the water taste so much better. See for yourself: put the same water in a plastic cup and in a glass cup and see which tastes better. Glass is made of sand. Sand is earth, and Mother Earth is one sexy mother.

3. Ditching bottled water keeps Mother Earth and your wallet green

In 2015, Americans bought the equivalent of 1.7 billion half-liter bottles of water every week.  That is 5 bottles for every man, woman, and child in all of America on a daily basis. San Francisco has gone as far as banning plastic bottles (woo hoo!) and we hope other cities and states do the same. Glass is natural, BPA free, and recycles no problem. The art has an added bonus!

4. Reusable water bottles save money on water

We call this “Vibe Bottle math”...

A: You buy a bottle of water at $2.00  every day for 60 days, that's $120.00 plus tax. That's like buying 3 vibe bottles and 1 of our drinking jars! Therefore, Vibe Bottle pays for itself, not to mention you could provide 4 gallons of clean water for
the local homeless community and Going Beyond Borders.

- or 0

B: A bottle of Fiji, Smart Water, or Dasani runs about $2.00 per liter,  which is a whopping $8 a gallon! Our local water store, The Water and Wellness Center , sells water for about $0.60/gallon for distilled water and $2.00/gallon for ionized alkaline water. That is 4x less expensive to refill your bottle! (In our humble opinion it is better tasting/healthier water.)

Anyway you slice it, Vibe Bottle is the economical way to go!

5. Positive vibes through and through
We combine the inspiration of our founder's art with sacred geometry, positive words, and loving affirmations. From the moment the idea for a bottle is conceived up to moment it is put on display, our bottles are made with and handled with love, positive vibes, and varying degrees of awesomeness.




Our Very Own Clean Water Project

Every Vibe Bottle purchased creates 1 gallon of clean water for our Clean Water Project for Homeless and those who do not have access to clean water during the summer months in Utah.