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· Great for people in Flow-motion
· Like a regular open mouth drinking glass, but with a lid!
· Perfect for juicing or adding powdered supplements, and the wide mouth makes clean up a snap


About the Eye of Inspiration Design

"To be inspired is to be in spirit" - Dr. Wayne Dyer. "When I heard this for the first time, it made me think. When inspiration comes - it is raw (sometimes unrefined) energy. It is powerful, moving and often the catalyst for great change. As an artist, author, and developer of ideas, inspiration is very precious to me. Of all of the wonderful types of good vibes out there in the Universe, inspiration is one of my favorite. The Eye of Inspiration looks upwards to the sky ready to receive it's next gift"  - Zo

Features and Benefits
16 oz. Capacity

· Many of our customers report an increase in their desire to drink more water with a Vibe Bottle.
· Made of beautiful Tempered Glass which is naturally BPA Free
· Great for the environment. Glass is 100% recyclable.
· Save money on purchasing multiple plastic water bottles (up to $1500 per year)
· Family owned, designed by Reiki Level 4 Master, Zo Peacemaker
· Dishwasher safe
· Ceramic ink fired at 1300 degrees - fuses into glass on a molecular level
· Charge your water in the sun or moon without having to worry about harmful chemicals

Weight: 10 oz. (283.4 grams)
Dimensions: 6.75 inches x 2.6 inches. Ships in 10” x 6” x 6” package

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