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· Great for people in Flow-motion
· Like a regular open mouth drinking glass, but with a lid!
· Perfect for juicing or adding powdered supplements, and the wide mouth makes clean up a snap


About this Design

"This has a simple positive daily affirmation to it that anyone can agree with- "drink water and love yourself...everyday". You would be surprised what a difference those 2 things make if you remember to practice them everyday. Which is why I put them on a glass bottle. We all need water everyday, what better way to remind ourselves of what is truly important while we stay hydrated?" - Zo

Features and Benefits
· 16 oz. Capacity
· Many of our customers report an increase in their desire to drink more water with a Vibe Bottle.
· Made of beautiful Tempered Glass which is naturally BPA Free
· Great for the environment. Glass is 100% recyclable.
· Save money on purchasing multiple plastic water bottles (up to $1500 per year)
· Family owned, designed by Reiki Level 4 Master, Zo Peacemaker
· Dishwasher safe
· Ceramic ink fired at 1300 degrees - fuses into glass on a molecular level
· Charge your water in the sun or moon without having to worry about harmful chemicals

Weight: 10 oz. (283.4 grams)
Dimensions: 6.75 inches x 2.6 inches. Ships in 10” x 6” x 6” package

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