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Screenshot Image from: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

Masaru Emoto was not just a brilliant man but a loving soul as well. He seemed to understand the intertwined nature of physics and meta-physics even tho he did not title it as that. When we started Vibe Bottle it was to promote art, beauty, healing and quite frankly to show off our Decals [#soulwurxdecals]. The fact that it also aligned with Dr. Emoto's work was an after thought and just gave more validation to what we were doing. We focus on positivity, inspiration and hydration. 3 simple things that can change your life on their own and are even more profound when combined. Then turbo charge it with the implementation of Sacred Geometry (which we love to teach classes about) and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind bottle made by Reiki Energy Healers designed to carry our messages out into the world. When we say "Empower Your Water" we not only mean to empower the water you drink but to empower the water that you are. The human body is mostly water, so also remember "Empower...because You're Water"

Happy hydrating folks. Tell a friend and spread the love!

Here's an awesome video about Dr. Emoto's life purpose....(click to watch)

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